So, we literally have a new Hitler. A nasty little man with a complex who cares nothing for his own people nor certainly for other peoples. His only motivation is own psychopathy. I’m not sure what his salary as Russian President is, but you can see his yacht above, so it must be tens of millions a year, more than any other national leader. All built on a simple policy.

Greater Russia = lebensraum

But of course, it doesn’t, it means an expansion of ego in a geographical context.

Worldwide, we have come to an era where democracy is not valued, and strong man politics is, from Bolsorano to Erdogan, Johnson to Trump, the king of them all is Vladimir Putin. He is a dictator’s dictator, who brings in democratic rules and then manipulates them as he sees fit. Trump still doesn’t understand why he wasn’t allowed to change the rules to win the game. After all, Putin wins every time.

Trump couldn’t understand that, despite loading the Supreme Court, he couldn’t jail his enemies as he saw fit. But he aims to fix that next time.

Meanwhile, Putin is bombing the hell out of a rival nation, claiming sovereignty.

And no one has an answer. Because the only answer is to nuke this psychopath before he sits in Downing St or the White House.

Ukraine foolishly gave up its nuclear deterrent to endear itself to its useless ’allies’ to the west.

Meanwhile, Russia has undertake nerve gas and nuclear attacks on British territory with no consequences.

Just like it uses drugs in sports with no consequences.

For Putin, he is lord of the world, because there are no consequences.

Imagine a drug baron taking over your neighbourhood or area and running everything. That’s what just happened to our world.

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