Sitting in the pub yesterday (now that we can again), discussing wave after wave of catastrophe – Trump, hatred, Covid, Putin, it was clear that the only thing keeping us old codgers going was alcohol. The world is a much worse place than it was ten or twenty years ago. We became dewy eyed about the cold war, for fuck’s sakes.

But the reality is, our planet needs a major nuclear war. We have probably six or seven billion too many humans who are destroying the ecosystem that sustains them.

Sophisticated as we are, our animal colonies are like any other microcosm in the living world. Our hierarchy is ’money’ (or currency) and we have a clear pecking order where the powerful (usually the ’rich’) dominate all others.

So maybe it is time for a reset. The Earth has had many in the past. Humans aren’t important. I’m not sure if anything is.

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