Wow, all I can say is that there is peril all around and everyone seems sanguine.

China has the collapse of its biggest property company, Evergrande and will need a distraction from the recession that this and other supply chain issues will cause. Their escape valve is to invade Taiwan.

Meanwhile, if anything, more worryingly is that Russia knows that their era of control over the West through gas supply is coming to an end as alternative energy sources come online, so they know they have this one chance to put back together their ’empire’ by invading the Ukraine, part of which they have already annexed with no consequences. Putin in 2021 was Hitler in 1938.

Meanwhile, a fascist, possibly Russian puppet, has and is trying to effect a coup d’etat in the United States, a country paralysed by its divisions, having caused extensive damage to the benefit of Putin’s Russia as President of the USA. Russia has used the naivety of social media to control a vast swathe of the American population and turn them agains their own constitution. Not surprising for a country where mumbo jumbo faiths such as Christianity, Mormonism, Christian Science and Scientology were able to take hold.

And let’s analyse this further. The definition of faith is believing in things that cannot be proven, ie lies or bullshit. The USA was set up as a haven for bullshitters and they managed to take over the country, and remain a menace to people living peacefully, freely and believing in truth, lies, facts and other determinants, not fantasy, fancy and wishful thinking.

I have no facts nor statistics, but I feel that an awful amount of conflict in the world is triggered where majorities are set to become minorities. In the US the racists are finally loosing their grip constitutionally and no degree of gerrymandering will resolve their problems. Instead of embracing new and different constituents, they re-trench and make themselves the victims, the minority.

Imagine a child, petulantly crying after a friend stole their crayon. Except they didn’t.

The terrifying thing, as we move into 2022, is that this is the behaviour of the USA, Russia and China.