It has occurred to me that what Donald Trump is. It is a Jesus fucker.

Christians, in their faith, follow Jesus unquestionably. Meanwhile, the rapacious lobbying evangelists of the USA use his name for all kinds of contrarian justifications, from guns to ignorance.

The trouble with Jesus and Evangelists is that they are incompatible.

Your average US Christian is a nasty racist, mysoginistic, wealth seeking, ignorant hypocrite, full of hatred and no charity. Which are all the things Christ preached against.

In the white American Christian narrative, Christianity is a literal profanity.

Which is probably why they endorsed Trump, unconditionally, in their droves. A pussy grabbing misogynistic, cheating multi millionaire is all they aspire to be. All they worship. Not Christ. Nevertheless, they attend their churches and spout their vitriol. That’s just their justification for getting through the eye of a needle, like the Medicis.

He can use the bible (upside down) as a prop against coloured protestors and make fifty times more visits in a year to a golf course than a church, but he’s still your man, you Jesus fuckers.

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