So, if we recognize it or not, we are in the middle of the second American Revolution.

These things are no longer fought with pickaxes and guns. They are fought with ideas, rules and regulations.

It is very clear that the Republican Party had recognized that the only way it will win majorities is to gerrymander, or even more insidiously, to rework democracy.

You see, democracy is very convenient when it works for you, but is a bloody nuisance when it doesn’t. And democracy will no longer get GOP anywhere.

So, they need a new model. Perhaps we can kindly call it ‘selective democracy’, whereby you select those ‘worthy’ of participating.

Of course, they will generally be middle aged white men and anyone who agrees with them.

So, the process involves trying to shore up majorities that became minorities, to change rules, boundaries, lines and logic. Usually shamelessly.

It is unfortunate that Americans no longer believe in their republic, their constitution or even what is outright fair. They just care about winning. Indeed, it’s worse than that, they just care about beating other people, at whatever cost.



They pretend to be ‘liberal’ and ‘tolerant’. They espouse to free speech and equality. But what they really care about is their free vanillacappuccion with soy milk and their own excessive wealth, so they can determine the next world order.

My wife works for one of the biggest Silicon Valley companies and the tales of entitlement are breathtaking. In a startup you worry about making payroll for your ten staff which amounts to the salary of an average Big Internet employee. Still they moan and complain about how badly paid and how badly treated they are. Really.

These are the people who pretend to hate Trump and be Democrat, Labour or Liberal but are really the new slave gangmasters and factory managers who work mining huge wealth from ordinary people for their super rich bosses. But they are Trump, hundreds of thousands of little greedy people who will walk over bodies to their entitlements.

The dark, satanic mills of the internet are here and they are real. There is no Jerusalem, only Silicon Valley (or Texas or wherever comes next).

They are, of course, very comfortable, so they think they are doing well. The model suits them so they only push back about their already cushy positions. They do not offer half of their inflated salaries to house the homeless, the just moan, endlessly. Poor workers don’t complain because they would lose their jobs.

I do love the way that people are able to invent their own narratives, it reminds me of the pitch scene in the comedy ‘Silicon Valley’ where every startup ends their pitch with ‘..and we will make the world a better place’.

128 characters, spouting your every action, sharing your badly considered and badly educated thoughts do not make the world a better place, yet these are the winning pitches.

Silicon Valley was built on a cold war arms race and then descended into trivia that now dominates every aspect of our lives.