I left London when it was ruled by Boris. He literally sold the city to the Chinese and Russians. Thousands of empty flats. That was Boris’ legacy. Along with a failed bike scheme and overpriced buses.

A scheme to plant lots of trees planted none. Hammersmith Bridge was collapsing, Boris supported a new ‘garden’ bridge.

An utter buffoon.



Let’s face it, any Trump supporter reading that Trump has paid no tax will wish they were him. Like they wish they were him as they sit in their trailer drinking beer and gouging on Big Macs.

There are no politics of envy in the US, just the politics of hope, that one day an uneducated looser living in a trailer can be a NYC property millionaire.

Trump is them, they are voting for their vicarious selves. America 2020 is Germany 1933. Everything else, in their petty little deluded minds, is media lies.



As with many, possibly most, people, musicians have been my heroes. But, one by one I have seen them for what they are.

Cat Stevens, a Swedish Cypriot kid from Soho, became a fundamentalist Muslim.

Bruce Springsteen became the foil for Trump and his supporters. His songs were about racist, redneck Americans.

Queen supported apartheid in South Africa, despite Freddie Mercury being an African himself.

We hear sad songs and inspirational lyrics and we get enamoured with the visions of drug addled idiots. Try The 1975.

Van Morrison thinks everyone should die of coronavirus, as far as I can tell, and has written songs that would kill off his Mama and Brown Eyed Girls alike.

It’s time to treat the troubadours for what they are – talented chancers, not prophets.


Do You Wanna Be In My Tribe ?

Unfortunately, the kind of dialogue seen in the image above rarely happens these days.

People have been cornered into their tribal belief sets, driven by the hysterical AI of social media into geo-political ‘segments’. (Yes, you have been segmented.)

Concepts like truth, proof, education and even morality are no longer clear. You could say that they are no longer black and white, but even tautology is problematic. Every word is loaded.

In 2020, the n word is abhorred (unless used self-referentially) but insidious racism is not only tolerated, it seems to be the official policy of many ‘developed’ democracies.

How can a word be more loaded than actions ? How did we fall for so far backwards. ?