It seems that we have become an uncivil society.

All that online anger and vitriol is spilling over into the real world and we are abusing each other like never before.

Let’s face it, we are animals, and animals are creatures who live according to primordial instincts. We win by, at the very least, belittling others. In reality we win by killing them.

Facebook is no different to Rome or a Stone Age Cave.

The only objective is to win, to come out ahead. Or, as we call it these days, to be an Influencer.

There was a period at the end of the last century and the beginning of the current one where I had some hope for the age I lived in, but we have since had Trump and Johnson and Putin and Erdogan.

We still have the ridiculous edifice of religion and all its dogma.

How can you have Truth when you have Faith, ie a belief in the supernatural ?

Trump could espouse anything that entered his weak mind because his constituency already believed in utter bollocks, and then betrayed that rubbish by following him (how many of the Ten Commandments has this man broken ?).

We now make up reality and beliefs on the fly.

So, when truth, reality and facts are relative concepts, what is the point of education ?

As China is now proving, there is nothing but control. The ‘communist’ nation that is totally built on capitalism.

Politics is a mode of control, as is religion.

Perhaps it’s not surprising that people are no longer nice to each other, when you need to prove that you have eaten your neighbour online to get kudos online.