Media has always depended on audiences and the greater the audience the greater, usually, its success.

Now many, if not most, journalists have click profiles hard coded into their contracts.

In other words, the get paid on how many clicks they generate.

Hence bizarre scenarios such as the UK’s ultra right wing Daily Express endlessly speculating about when the volcano under Yellowstone will explode. I kid you not.

Of course, in the UK it’s the weather. In the US it’s the endless lies around Hilary Clinton promoted by Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch.

The manipulation of people to sell clicks is perhaps the most insidious aspect of modern life. it has made lying mainstream and acceptable.

Why should truth get in the way of the American Dream, which is utterly predelicted by the ability of an individual to climb over the truth and the dead cold bodies of anyone to het to money.



So, the Germany immigrant Pieter Thiel is funding all kinds of fascist and anarchistic organisations, whilst his erstwhile colleague from Paypal days, Elon Musk is interfering with any sector that interests him on the day.

But, together they are two of the wealthiest men on earth. The American Dream (for them).

They talk about the American dream and this is it – a German immigrant and a South African immigrant who have made it ultra big.

After all, Donald Trump’s mum was an immigrant, as were his wives, and his father’s father. He’s hardly American. Unless you define Americans as immigrants.

America has a neo Nazi and an apartheider as their most successful role models and a wannabe KKK leader as their wannabe President (again).

It just gets more and more terrifying.



All I can say today, after all that has happened recently, is that I am so glad that I don’t have children. How sad is that ? When we defeated apartheid and got rid of Thatcher I was so proud and hopeful. I guess we are animals after all.

Dogma has, literally, Trumped truth and rationality.

My wife recently stayed in the Vegas mansion of a colleague (a senior exec of one of the world’s largest conpanies) and alarmingly told me how she kept an ’escape bag’. You see, she’s black and American.

Today, I feel that every woman and child, as well as anyone from any ethnic background should have an escape bag in the USA.

That’s around 68% of Americans. So how come they can be subjugated and terrorised by a minority of entitled white men ?

Religion, gerrymandering and utter aggressiveness are the answer.

Cortez, a stupid white diego, took much of the Americas with two hundred like minded colonists.

Nothing has changed.