Special People are allowed to park in disabled or child parking spaces despite neither being disabled nor having children.

They are allowed to drive at 60mph in the outside lane on motorways.

They are allowed to not wear masks nor be vaccinated, because they do not understand the difference between a 1 in a million chance of dying against a 1 in 10,000 chance of dying. Their idea of investment is a bet at Ladbrookes… Or crypto.

Of course, they are allowed to hold parties and flout all the Covid rules they created.

They are able to litter since no rules apply to them. Only their world view, carefully honed from experts on Facebook.

Obviously, Special People care about no one else. They are the chosen ones. They get to go to Oxford and told they are the best of the best, and their followers, who can barely read or write, are also special. Because they were chosen. by themselves and are clever enough to follow the select breed of Oxons.

What a lovely world ! With so many Special People!

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