So, if we recognize it or not, we are in the middle of the second American Revolution.

These things are no longer fought with pickaxes and guns. They are fought with ideas, rules and regulations.

It is very clear that the Republican Party had recognized that the only way it will win majorities is to gerrymander, or even more insidiously, to rework democracy.

You see, democracy is very convenient when it works for you, but is a bloody nuisance when it doesn’t. And democracy will no longer get GOP anywhere.

So, they need a new model. Perhaps we can kindly call it ‘selective democracy’, whereby you select those ‘worthy’ of participating.

Of course, they will generally be middle aged white men and anyone who agrees with them.

So, the process involves trying to shore up majorities that became minorities, to change rules, boundaries, lines and logic. Usually shamelessly.

It is unfortunate that Americans no longer believe in their republic, their constitution or even what is outright fair. They just care about winning. Indeed, it’s worse than that, they just care about beating other people, at whatever cost.

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