No posts for a longtime. There’s a reason – despondancy.

I guess if you lived through the two world wars of the past century you would have little sympathy for us cowering citizens with face masks, trying to engage in a socialised world again.

This weekend, one of the biggest festivals on earth is taking place as normal. 110,000 mainly young, unvaccinated people will descend on our town and revel.

This seems pretty crazy. I will not be leaving the house. But it seems that the UK has decided on herd immunity without telling anyone this is the policy (indeed, the Government denies it).

But is it wasn’t for the pandemic, I reckon I would be hiding away anyway.

Burnt by many business betrayals and failures. The wind knocked out of me by my own stupidities.

Despondent about modern life.

Really, unwilling to try again.

I may only live once, but I’ve had enough of it.

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