Allowing indulgence to delusioned individuals who believe in utter bollocks is one of the major drivers in modern life on planet earth.

From US evengalists, to Brazilian Catholics to Hindus or the BJP and all those mad mullah inspired mass murderers, there is so much bad that is done in the service of utter dogma.

Religion isn’t a crutch, it’s an excuse, used to enslave and control.

It destroys opponents and pretends to have benevolence, yet is mostly based on the ideas of primitive middle eastern gurus and paedophiles.

Christianity is nothing to do with the super white churches of the mid west.

Mormonism is so funny it makes me laugh – perhaps a little bit less than Scientology or Christian Science.

The shia hate the sunni more than they hate the jews or christians, apparently.

Apparently there’s one god. And all these people ‘follow’ him, but is it the same god, and why do they therefore hate each other so much ?

It’s all utter bollocks.

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