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The world is becoming primitive again. Our advances in thinking and learning and understanding are collapsing.

There is little doubt that some corners of our learning (the standard model for physics, or many political models) are hugely flawed.

But all over the world, in so many contexts, we are returning to beliefs that have been proven bad, divisive or just wrong.

The main problem is Faith. That is the belief in something that cannot be proven.

If you believe in something that cannot be proven, you can believe in anything. This is the essence of cults such as religions and social media platforms.

This is not revisionism or countenance. This is the belief in polemic ideas.

You can spend a lifetime studying the cruelty of nature from the haven of ‘civilisation’ and ‘humanity’. Yet humans, by their sheer dominance and inability to realise that their massive over-production have broken the imbalance of our earth.

Once more we are tribal and filial beyond any rationality.

Animals need no excuse to tear each other apart. Humans need football, or ethnicity or any other made up pretext.

I will, from now on, label these people – those who believe in the ludicrous concept of Faith or the pretext of political belief, as primitivists. They need to be left behind. Or we can shortly count the cost.

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