All I can say today, after all that has happened recently, is that I am so glad that I don’t have children. How sad is that ? When we defeated apartheid and got rid of Thatcher I was so proud and hopeful. I guess we are animals after all.

Dogma has, literally, Trumped truth and rationality.

My wife recently stayed in the Vegas mansion of a colleague (a senior exec of one of the world’s largest conpanies) and alarmingly told me how she kept an ’escape bag’. You see, she’s black and American.

Today, I feel that every woman and child, as well as anyone from any ethnic background should have an escape bag in the USA.

That’s around 68% of Americans. So how come they can be subjugated and terrorised by a minority of entitled white men ?

Religion, gerrymandering and utter aggressiveness are the answer.

Cortez, a stupid white diego, took much of the Americas with two hundred like minded colonists.

Nothing has changed.

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