We live on an island. New Zealanders live on an island. We’re both roughly the same distance from Wuhan. So how come the Uk has the highest per capita death toll on earth and New Zealand has practically the lowest ?

The answer is Boris Johnson. As far as I can tell his answer to this pandemic has been:

blahblah handshakes fine blahblah wash hands blahblah maybe keep distance blahblah need PPE blahblah argh lockdown blahblah facemasks, why ? blahblah summer fun! spread out for cheap! blahblah I don’t feel well.. blahblah oops blahblah second lockdown blahblah oh fuck! blahblah third lockdown blahblah

Last March we should have stopped all international flights and got everyone to wear facemasks, like China and Japan and South Korea did.

But we’re run by chumps with Oxford degrees (can they be rescinded for anti-Darwinian stupidity ?). So 100,000 are dead blahblahblah..

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