Err, no. the metaverse is a conceit like the interweb or all those cliches that went before.

It has a substance – of course we now live our lives between the virtual and the actual. this was a conceit similar to the change when retail went from deskfront to self-select.

Sure, there are million applications, from servicing a submarine or nuclear power station to Roblox.

But making this a ’thing’ is just stupid. And a bit desperate.

People will increasingly wear VR headsets for training, interaction and pleasure, but not for long sessions. otherwise they will be ill.

AR and hybrid devices are massively problematic over privacy issues.

The metaverse is a thing. It even has some crossover properties, but in reality it is just a marketing ploy.

A CEO whose last big idea has come to the end of its life looking for the next big thing.

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