The Government is pouring money into the economy. The vast majority of it is going to Amazon, Apple, Comcast, Google, Facebook, Etsy and many other American Big Internet companies.

It’s also going to European companies who control most alcohol sales and other US companies who control fast food sales and online payments such as Paypal, Square and Stripe.

There are UK companies capable of benefitting – Deliveroo, for example, and some supermarkets, where taxpayers have long been subsidising zero hours wages. But we have no competitors for the major US monopolies and we are no longer willing to even recognise monopolies, or fatbergs…

The Tory party exists totally within a property development bubble, which pays their way and sustains them both politically and economically. The online world and the high street are, frankly, irrelevant to them. BoJo made his fortune from bribes as MoL from million pound rabbit hutches developed for Russians and Chinese. BoJo would not recognise a British person if they stood in front of his face.

You can tell that he just hates being PM. Being accountable and building a consensus is well beyond his megalomania.

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