Do You Wanna Be In My Tribe ?

Unfortunately, the kind of dialogue seen in the image above rarely happens these days.

People have been cornered into their tribal belief sets, driven by the hysterical AI of social media into geo-political ‘segments’. (Yes, you have been segmented.)

Concepts like truth, proof, education and even morality are no longer clear. You could say that they are no longer black and white, but even tautology is problematic. Every word is loaded.

In 2020, the n word is abhorred (unless used self-referentially) but insidious racism is not only tolerated, it seems to be the official policy of many ‘developed’ democracies.

How can a word be more loaded than actions ? How did we fall for so far backwards. ?


What Are You Doing Here ?

Well, listening to the rants and raves of an old white dude who is cycnical about the world we live in.

I’m 55, live in the UK, but have lived in the US and France.

I reckon I’m liberal, but come from a minority, so I hate bullying.

I’m very well off by any measure and believe in the right to pursue wealth and happiness, but not at the expense of others.