Once upon a time Boris Johnson was hugely popular. He convinced the Labour and LibDem voters of London to make him mayor and took the glory for Rival Livingstone’s hard work in winning the Olympics for the city.

He then fudged his rather liberal views to oppose the EU and front the successful but ultimately disastrous Brexit project.

It was a continuation of rule by the notorious Oxford Bullingdon Club.

Then there was Partygate, proving that our Tory rulers believe that the laws they create do not apply to them.

The Tory prevaricstion over energy security is, perhaps, what is most unforgivable. The risible David ’husky’ Cameron introduced some great eco policies and then cut them down in the name of a book balancing exercise that seems risible after Covid.

Prioritising profit over security seems to be a particularly Tory trait.

On the verge of WW3, with the economy tanking and many people facing sheer poverty, the clown’s face paint is running, his quips aren’t funny any more.

BoJo the clown is dead.

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