As a member of an oppressed minority, I’m very careful of what I write about other minorities, even if they are made up of hundreds of millions of people. I was arrested countless times outside the South African embassy in my youth protesting apartheid, but blindness to culture also has its issues.

The UK has somehow managed to enable 2.5 million Pakistanis to live in our country. That’s nearly the population of Wales. And Pakistanis seem to have been treated much better than Welsh people by their English hosts.

Unlike Indians, Pakistanis can hold dual citizenship with the UK and, moreover, are Moslems, many of who wish to destroy any way of life that is not their own in the name of their dogmatic religion.

I have lovely Pakistani neighbour who, after fifty years in the UK, barely speak a word of English (let alone Welsh). They treat the UK as a mean to their own country. I have no doubt where they would chose to stay if forced to select.

Of course, we know that Pakistani men groom and abuse British children. The cases are endless and unassailable. If any other culture did this we would call it paedophilia. But the UK goes out of its way to prove that this is not a race issue (it is). And unlike Bangladeshis, who power our ‘Indian restaurant’ culture, Pakistanis seem largely to be cab drivers or dependent on welfare. Compared to other cultures, they have spent more time trying to destroy their hosts rather than contributing in my view.

How did the UK allow such a massive number of people from this country to settle and get citizenship in our country ? Of course, Yorkshire mills required workers in the early 70s (they certainly didn’t in the late 70s). And how did they play the game – a man imigrates, he gets citizenship and then brings in his wife and his extended family and her extended family. Suddenly, one person become sixteen.

Pakistan remains, in my view, the most dangerous country on earth – it is a proxy for Afghanistan and is in danger of compromising India’s ability to deal with the dreadful Chinese regime.

Britain simply needs to do what India does and introduce a single citizenship rule and apply this retrospectively. After all, how can you have allegiance to multiple countries ?

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